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Sedation Dentist in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Avoidance of dental work due to anxiety can worsen treatable conditions and may cause a potential dental emergency. Here at Santé Dental, we understand the worries of patients. If you have fears about your visit, ask your local Halifax dentist about sedation. 

Santé Dental is a sedation dentist in Halifax which offers a variety of treatments. We have oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. Otherwise known as ‘laughing gas’, nitrous oxide is a safe method for people of most ages. It eases a patient’s mood, providing euphoria and calmness while keeping them awake and able to answer questions. Some report a tingling sensation and a heaviness of the legs while under the influence of nitrous but it wears off quickly after the mask is removed. 

The application of these sedation treatments depends entirely on your circumstances and medical history. Not all sedation techniques are appropriate for all. This is something that will be assessed by your dentist. Halifax patients can rest assured that we will find an appropriate solution if they need sedation. We offer a French speaking service for some patients to feel more comfortable. Or simply if they prefer to communicate their issues in the language. We are receptive to most reasonable adjustments for our patients, since visiting the dentist can be stressful. Here at Santé Dental we try to do everything in order to make dentist visits as smooth as possible. Preventative care is important and visiting the dentist should not be neglected. Even if there is nothing specifically wrong with your oral health, it is advised to regularly book appointments so we can keep an eye on your teeth and tackle any of these issues before they arise. Don’t let anxiety prevent you from seeing a dentist. 

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Ask us about our French speaking service. Venez nous voir a Sante dental pour une dentiste Français en Halifax. 

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