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Preventative dental care is essential. By keeping on top of oral issues with regular appointments, we can prevent and treat issues before they become more severe. By checking in with us, our dentists can spot and mitigate potential issues as they develop.


Home maintenance of teeth is the bare minimum requirement for the patient, with twice daily brushing and regular flossing. However, when you come for a checkup at your Halifax dentist, we can provide a variety of hygiene services for your teeth using our specialist equipment.


If you are looking for teeth whitening in Halifax, that is also something we offer. Along with hygiene services such as deep cleaning, fluoride treatments and stain removal polish. If you suffer from bad breath, we have treatments for that too.


Here at Santé Dental we understand that visiting the dentist is not everyone’s idea of fun. We also know that some patients feel very uncomfortable with dental appointments. With this in mind, we can provide a variety of sedation techniques for those patients. This includes IV sedation, conscious oral sedation and nitrous oxide. Depending on your medical history, your Halifax dentist will assess the most appropriate method.


We are a children’s dentistry in Halifax, understanding the importance of your child having the best possible start to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Patient education is essential. We make sure that good oral habits are followed at home after the appointment. Regular checkups go a long way to establish these habits. Dentist trips that are enjoyable, calm and safe will help solidify the experience for children and prevent them from the negative associations that can impact their attention to oral health.


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We also provide a French speaking service. Venez nous voir a Santé dental pour une dentiste Français en Halifax.


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