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Looking for some added protection for your active lifestyle? Whether it’s to protect your teeth against sports injuries or to minimize teeth grinding, Santé Dental’s mouth guards are designed to provide you with comfort, durability, and performance. 

Our staff can produce a custom-fitting oral appliance in a minimal amount of time. Contact us or Request an appointment online.

Sport Guards

Feel confident that you have full-coverage and protection for your teeth while playing your favorite sports on the court, arena, field, rink or ring. Available in a variety of styles and colors, our sports guards are designed to protect your teeth while improving your performance by relaxing your jaw muscles.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us!

Bite Appliances

If you’re waking up with a headache or a sore jaw, you’re most likely grinding your teeth at night. We design customized bite appliances to alleviate stress from your jaw while protecting your teeth - while you sleep.

For an appointment, simply contact our office and we can improve your days, from the moment you wake up!

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