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Dentures in Halifax - Complete and Partial Dentures

Full or partial dentures allow patients to replace missing teeth so that they can speak, chew, and smile again. A full denture is required when the person is missing all of their natural teeth. A full denture (also known as a complete denture) supports your facial muscles, such as your cheeks and lips, and helps to keep your youthful appearance. In comparison, a partial denture is recommended when the person still has remaining teeth. The denture helps to support the remaining teeth and prevent them from shifting or becoming crooked. In addition, partial denture strengthen your chewing ability so you can eat and smile with complete confidence.

Implant Supported Denture

For clients who have had a denture for a long time and find that, although once comfortable, the same denture is now unstable and inconvenient. We have the ability to combine dental implants to a denture giving you the freedom you once enjoyed. Ask us if you would like to discuss an implant supported denture.

Implant: Two Implants With Denture And Locators:

Implant: Four Implants With Denture & Precision Bar:

Implant: Two Implants With Denture & Precision Bar

Implant Supported Lower Denture:

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